Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sports: Sigmas and Bad Beats

Sigmas:  Wild night in baseball:  Roy Halladay threw the second perfect game this season in MLB, the 20th of all time, and also the second in Phillies history.  The first perfect game in Phillies history was thrown back in 1964, by now Senator Jim Bunning.  2010 is now the second MLB season with two perfect games thrown - the first being in 1880!

Sigmas AND bad beats in one:  Kendry Morales broke his leg hopping onto home plate as his teammates mobbed him after his walk-off grand slam against the Mariners.  Ouch.

Sigmas:  The Blackhawks beat the Flyers 6-5 in game one of the Stanley Cup Finals.  Wow - this one was tied 5-5 after two periods.  Sounds like I missed a good game.



LDUTheCoach said...

Why couldn’t he have done this in Toronto!!! FRIGG lol..
Check out the final pitch at
Congrats Halladay!!

keithpiccirillo said...

Heck I've thrown at least 3 perfect games against my brother in wiffle ball.
Decision theory says top flight pitchers are most likely to do this, and their high level of devotion and pre game preparation allows them to implement how they will locate their pitches to every hitter.
Part of this can be explained away by unfamiliarity with him as a pitcher as he was in the American league.
David Cone threw one against basically a triple A team, with the exception of an aged Paul Molitor. Atem' ball has a lot to do with it as well.

scharfy said...

I dare anyone to watch this video of Dock Ellis's no hitter while on LSD and not laugh out loud.

Dock Ellis No-No