Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Have Finally Made It

Although I'd been hoping that I could get William Shatner to read my blog posts aloud as performance art, I guess I'll have to settle for The Modern Mystic.  How on Earth did I find this, you wonder?  Well, via Statcounter, I can see how people arrive at my blog, both via searches and via clickthroughs.  This morning I had several clickthroughs from The Modern Mystic's Youtube video, which I found odd, until I checked out the video:

In case it's not clear to everyone - NO - I am NOT The Modern Mystic.  I do appreciate his use of a French voice for the ECB's quote, and the Hannibal Lecter voice to read the Bernanke quote.

SHATNER!  WHERE ARE YOU!   You have an open invite.  If you ignore me, I'll have to pursue Christopher Walken!   (Great idea - courtesy of Mrs. Dynamite, who couldn't think of Walken's name... "You should get that guy from Pulp Fiction whose dad shoves the watch up his ass," she suggested."



James said...

Enjoyed your responses in your last post. I agree the no one in the government wants to take responsibility for the collapse and restructuring, but the mistake they are making is listening to Bernanke and Summers who have a much greater chance of landing us in hyperinflation than anyone assumes. The cure becomes worse than the disease. deflation/hyperinflation

BigRed said...

I see years of being married to you have started to rub off on Mrs. KD.

EconomicDisconnect said...

Oh wow KD. This may have been the weirdest thing I have seen in some time. You have gone big time now baby! The Treasury meeting pales in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Dude Osama reads your blog!