Friday, May 14, 2010

Quick Links

If you didn't like my take on the perfect trading quarter, try The Reformed Broker with a humorous take on how to have a perfect trading quarter:

"Step 1.  Be yourself! (only if 'yourself' happens to be a trader at one of the anointed banks.)
Step 1a:  Don't forget to smile.  And to convince the government that without an unlimited supply of interest-free capital to 'get you on your feet', western civilization might end.
Step 2:  Diet and exercise are crucial.  Also, you should take that interest-free capital and put it to work across all interest-bearing asset classes.  Profit margins begin at 100% and work higher from there..."

There's more on his site.

I'd love to see an update of Paul Kedrosky's CDS chart, smartly titled, "What a sovereign heart attack looks like."  This is from May 3rd... Looks like an EKG, right?

Speaking of EKGs, I found this NY Times article interesting: "Lifesaving Devices Can Cause Havoc at Life's End"

"When her father’s cancer became terminal, Carol Filak realized that making his final days comfortable involved something she had never thought about — turning off his heart defibrillator.

A doctor friend told Ms. Filak about horrible scenes he had witnessed in which a defibrillator had shocked a dying patient, causing pain and terrifying family members gathered at the bedside.  "


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