Monday, May 31, 2010

Shadow Inventory

Via Calculated Risk, 3 more stories about shadow inventory:

"The 35-story Lexington Park, near Michigan Avenue and Cermak Road, was surrendered last week by its Irish developer through a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. The private-equity venture that now owns the property acquired Corus Bank’s the distressed condo loans after the Chicago-based lender failed last fall. 

Just three buyers have closed on Lexington Park’s 333 units, according to property records. The tower, 2138 S. Indiana Ave., was supposed to be ready for occupancy in 2008."

and then:
"About 55% of Lexington Park’s 333 units are under contract, according to data from Appraisal Research Counselors. But some of those units were bought by speculators when sales kicked off in 2006. The speculators are sure to walk away now rather than close, given the dramatic fall in condo values. Others buyers probably will no longer qualify for mortgages."

"Through the end of April, MGM Mirage and Dubai World, the owners of the project, have closed on 78 of 1,543 units at the Vdara condo-hotel, according to SalesTraq. Closings started in March at Vdara but CityCenter had announced earlier this year it had sold 698 units there.

At the ultra-luxury condominium tower Mandarin Oriental, where 205 of 227 condos were reported sold as of earlier this year, 32 units closed between January and the end of April, according to SalesTraq.

CityCenter just started closing units in the two Veer Towers in mid-May so those numbers won’t be available until the end of June. MGM had reported that 480 of the 670 units had been sold earlier this year.

Through Thursday, MGM counted 110 closings at Vdara, 38 at Mandarin Oriental and 16 at Veer."

"Hue, the multicolor building that is the largest condo project ever attempted in downtown Raleigh, closed its sales office without ever selling a unit.

Signs posted on the building's doors, as well as a message left on the sales office's answering machine, say Hue will be closed until further notice."

Again, this is why housing inventory data needs to be taken with a grain of salt.  As Calculated Risk puts it (talking specifically about the Chicago article above), "Unless listed for sale, these units are not included in the new or existing home inventory reports - real shadow inventory!"



EconomicDisconnect said...

The Shadow Knows!

This smoke is from Quebec I think. All I know is my eyes are really bothering me and I thought it was just some idiot in the neighborhood burning twigs. Is when we invade Canada?

EconomicDisconnect said...

Now who wrote this headline???!:
Air Force Pounds MILF,

Kid Dynamite said...

gyc - i believe montreal is in quebec ;-)

tremendous Air Force Pounds MILF headline. from the Phillipine's Onion?

EconomicDisconnect said...

See, I did not even know Quebec was a province and Montreal was part of it. I guess I am the typical US citizen.

Unknown said...

So where are the buyers? Is this the equivalent of the CCC of the Depression, where instead of public works, workers were used to build uneeded housing?

If construction was on pace with actual demand, would the unemployment rate during Bush the War Criminals' 8 years have been much, much higher? And would GDP have been much, much lower?