Monday, May 31, 2010

Northeast Haze? Blame Canada!

I woke up this morning to the smell of smoke - like one of my neighbors was burning a brush pile.  There was a haze over the entire neighborhood, and we wondered what was going on.  Later, Mrs. Dynamite got the answer from a neighbor:  forest fires in Montreal!  Insane:  we live 250 miles from there, and it smelled and looked like someone was burning something next door to me.  Blame Canada.

Apparently, the haze extends all the way down to Cape Cod, and throughout Maine.


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Transor Z said...

We were on the Cape for the holiday. Woke up this morning absolutely sure a nearby house was on fire, then an hour later was sure a motel or restaurant was on fire. We called the fire dept to get the real scoop.

Here's a map of fire regions:
Quebec Fire Map