Sunday, June 06, 2010

Articles I Tweeted Recently

Here are some of the things I Tweeted last week:

"To discourage locals from gambling, the government collects casino entrance fees -- $70 for a 24-hour period or $1,400 for a year -- from all Singaporeans and permanent residents.  Almost 30,000 people, mostly recipients of public assistance or those who have filed for bankruptcy, are automatically barred from entering."

Jon Lajoie Beatles Satire:  Previously unreleased version of Blackbird.  Funny, unless you really love Yoko Ono.

Obama Warns BP on Paying Big Dividends Amid Oil Spill.  This article is a great example of how you have to actually read the story before passing judgment.  I read the headline and thought "wtf is Obama talking about?  BP's dividends and their cleanup of the oil spill are two totally different issues." They can pay all the dividends they want as long as they don't run out of money to clean up the oil and pay the claims for all the people they hurt.  Of course, when you read the story, you figure out that Obama is not an idiot and he knows this - and his point was that BP shouldn't pay out billions in dividends and tens of millions in image control publicity ads, and then end up "nickel-and-diming fisherman or small businesses."  (disclosure:  long BP stock)



EconomicDisconnect said...

Thats some Singapore rake!

Transor Z said...

The Roy Halladay story is AWESOME!

Kid Dynamite said...

TZ - it's so strange. you save a ticket stub as a memento of an event... not because it has value! what's the point of buying a memento for an event you didn't even go to? odd... and that's coming from a SERIAL collector...

Transor Z said...

But that's the Marlins for you!

Who the hell builds a municipal stadium that only seats 37,000???

Sun Life (former Dolphin Stadium) holds 75k -- so the stadium was only 1/3 full for the perfect game!

Steve said...

did you get long BP before or after the spill?

Kid Dynamite said...

steve - i bought BP last week - right below $38. and yes - i know i'm evil. i HATE this position - and i think it's a horrible position. I think this stock's upside is capped - who knows where - $45? $50? but it's not going back near $60 anytime in the near future, in my opinion. I bought it for a trade, and I will probably puke at a loss it before that trade comes to fruition. I HATE this stock. if i were a better trader, i'd just sell it.

Steve said...

Well, at $38 you're not too underwater.
This spill has cost me a few bucks. I had on a couple of pairs that got whacked. CAM Long against FTI short. ugh.
Also, ATW long against CLR long.
I puked the first pair but am still battling the second one. To top it off, I was actually in a pair short BP against RDS.A long but of course I was out right before the spill.
I'd definitely can BP if it takes out last year's low. I don't think this is gonna end well for BP, but who knows.

Steve said...

ATW long against CLR "short"