Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bruce Springsteen - London Calling

I'm a Springsteen fanatic, so it was with surprise that I found out that The Boss has a new live 2-DVD set, "London Calling" coming out tomorrow!  As one of my Springsteen buddies who I've probably gone to 25 concerts with put it, "I guess news travels slower up there in the country."

Needless to say, I insta-preordered the DVDs.

setlist info:

DISC 1 1. London Calling 2. Badlands 3. Night 4. She's The One 5. Outlaw Pete 6. Out In The Street 7. Working On A Dream 8. Seeds 9. Johnny 99 10. Youngstown 11. Good Lovin' 12. Bobby Jean 13. Trapped 14. No Surrender 15. Waitin' On A Sunny Day 16. The Promised Land 17. Racing In The Street 18. Radio Nowhere 19. Lonesome Day 

DISC 2 1. The Rising 2. Born To Run 3. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) 4. Hard Times (Come Again No More) 5. Jungleland 6. American Land 7. Glory Days 8. Dancing In The Dark 9. Credits (Raise Your Hand)Raise Your Hand (Instrumental) 10. The River (Glastonbury) 11. Wrecking Ball (Live at Giants Stadium)


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EconomicDisconnect said...

Amazon rules!

Anonymous said...

Just curious, KD, do you play the guitar or are you that rare American commodity: a fan of music who does not also play the guitar?

Disclosure: I play Tony Rice-style bluegrass guitar.

weird coincidence, WORD VERIFICATION:


Kid Dynamite said...

i don't play a lick of guitar. i was once a quite talented pianist - but alas even then, the kind that was good because i practiced - not because i was a natural musical genius.