Sunday, June 20, 2010

Phish - Tweezer Reprise

I could try to explain Tweezer Reprise (aka Tweprise), but I think it's easier to let the music speak for itself.  A quick background:  Tweezer is a Phish classic - a long, dark, jammy song. Usually, when they play Tweezer in a show, they'll later play Tweezer Reprise - usually in the encore - which brings the whole "jam" back together in a composed piece that's intense and explosive.  On occasion, Phish has been known to not "finish" Tweezer, and instead play Tweezer Reprise a night later, or even a number of nights later, to "finish" the song. 

In Hartford a few nights ago, they closed the show with Tweprise, but had an extra few minutes before curfew, so Trey simply announced that they had time to play the song again - to finish the Tweezer that they'd played in Pennsylvania earlier that week -  and played it back to back. Awesome - it's hard to describe how intense this must have been:

But Phish wasn't done.  See, they have a fanatical fan base, and they - "they" being both the band and the Phans - GET IT.  Thus, Phish kept the streak going and opened the next night's show with Tweezer Reprise.   I think this has actually happened a few times before (10/21/95, 11/9/95,) but certainly not when they closed with a double shot of it the night before.   Of course, Phish continued the saga by closing the show with Tweezer Reprise also, despite not playing Tweezer that night (making it 4 times played in two nights).  

I know that non-Phish-fans might think this is lame, but for a band who can play a 4 night run in a city without duplicating a single song, the fact that Phish picked up this Tweprise theme and ran with it is basically an inside joke between the band and their phanatical fanbase - which comprises most of the audience - and the crowd loves it.

I'll see the band Tuesday night at the former Great Woods, now "Comcast Center" in Mansfield, MA.  My brother-in-law was lucky enough to get 3rd row center tickets in the Phish ticket lottery, so we are insanely pumped for this show.



EconomicDisconnect said...

say that Bol news, very strange indeed.

If you are a piano player you should check out Scott Lavender and his ode to Iron Maiden on piano, I love it!

EconomicDisconnect said...

Spend the $50 bucks and park away from the main lot. Wife and I went to a Depeche Mode concert last summer and she insisted we park for free and it was 3am before we got out of there!