Monday, June 21, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

I'm off to Boston to see Phish.  I leave you with pics of the pups, in lieu of economic rants:

That's Mr. Griffey on top, and Oscar on the bottom.  Griffey still doesn't like me, although we've undertaken Operation Treat Overload to try to get him on my good side.   Despite the fact that after 8 weeks I never so much as raised my voice at him, he's wicked skittish around me still.  If we're out walking on the leash, sometimes he lets me pet him, but other times he lies down on the ground, crouching, in a super submissive pose like he thinks I'm going to beat on him.   It's all very strange, especially since his prior owner was supposedly a single woman. Griffey absolutely loves Mrs. Dynamite, and gets along great with Oscar, so we're still trying to see if he can make it work with me.  It's especially hard because I can't even put his harness and leash on him without help from my wife to corral him.



Mark said...

Kid, those are cute doggies! I think if you spoil him rotten, he will eventually come around. Heck, it worked for my last dog. She was skittish as all get out around me for awhile and now she sleeps in my bed.

Daniel said...

I don't like you either....

EconomicDisconnect said...

"He Doesn't like you"
"I's sorry"
"I don't liek you either, you better watch yourself, I have the death sentence on 12 systems"
"I'll be careful"
Star Wars reference!

Talk about angry dogs, the wife and I just wrestled the pug dog for a half hour to cut his nails and he is really pissed off now.

Anonymous said...

KD -
Few tips with Mr. Griffey:
- you may want to check out Barbara Woodhouse’s “No Bad Dogs” – it is the bible of dog training.
-Stay low near him, crouch to his level as much as you can. Lay on the floor on your back and let him stand on top of you – it will be really hard for him, but can help if you show some submission to him.
-When you are with him or working with him, keep your palms up and always approach him from a low angle. It is scary for a dog when you come at him with your hand facing down from over his head. Come at him with your palm facing up and from under his chin.
-take him and keep him with you EVERYWHERE – if you are in the house, keep his leash on and tie it to your belt. He will be forced to bond with you if he is attached to your hip, literally. If you run errands, take Mrs. KD, have her go into the stores you cannot, and explore with the dog while you wait. Take him to places where he will be doted on and enjoys, make sure you keep him physically close to you.
- Finally - don’t go on rants or get fired up with him nearby – even if you are on the computer/ working on your blog. He will be able to sense your mood and it will not help. Hopefully this will not negate all of the above!
-Mrs Big Show

Mrs. Dynamite said...

OMG - Thank you, Mrs. Bigshow!! It's like you've been eavesdropping on what I've been telling you have us bugged?? ;)

No way he's going to believe that we are not colluding...but maybe he will listen to you.