Thursday, June 10, 2010

JGBs are Bringing Sexy Back

From Bloomberg:

"Japanese women are seeking men who invest in government bonds, according to an advertisement being run by the Ministry of Finance.

“I want my future husband to be diligent about money,” a 27-year-old woman says in an ad being run in free magazines promoting a fixed-rate, three-year note that Japan started selling last week. “Playboys are no good.” She’s one of five women featured in the page, which says “Men who hold JGBs are popular with women!!”"

The ministry commissioned the ads to appeal to citizens for money at a time when record government borrowing threatens to outstrip demand. Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who took office yesterday, said he doesn’t have an instant fix to rein in the world’s largest public debt."

Great stuff...

“It strikes of desperation,” Christian Carrillo, a senior interest-rate strategist in Tokyo at Societe Generale SA said about the ad campaign. “I doubt this will be a successful strategy to attract retail investors.”

We can only hope and pray that the US doesn't launch a similar campaign, with  the Axe Body Wash girls swarming around Ben Bernanke after they learn that he is the King of Quantitative Easing.



Daniel said...

Neediness, especially where woman are concerned, is never attractive....

scharfy said...

I've bought way dumber things than JGB's @ 2% to get laid.

Most didn't work.

Transor Z said...

Maybe Japan should just copy the Bank of Ghana re-denomination campaign. "New Cedi: The value is the same."

That is still my favorite post on your blog, btw.

mrwiizrd said...

In vegas news, looks like your boy Steve Wynn is jumping on the resort fee bandwagon:

EconomicDisconnect said...

Extenzee and Pretenzee! Makes your debt even bigger in two weeks or your deflated principal back!

Anonymous said...

INACCURATE! Financial security is a bonus, women really just want a big hammer attached to a guy that matches their other accessories. Why do you think I married The Big Show?
-Mrs Big Show