Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Slingshot Physics

My buddy Leeroy sent me the following email:

"I spent some time over the weekend reading up on the blog,  and esp the re: the chimney.  for your next topic how about discussing the math on this one?"

And then a link to this video:



Onlooker said...

Yowwwchh! So now she could have suffered a pretty severe concussion and God knows what else in her melon, but hey she's got to finish because it's the all important Amazing Race. UFB

Haven't we learned enough lately about traumatic brain injury from the evidence coming out of football and other sports (not to mention the military)? It's just stupid for her to not be heading directly to the ER.

Any idea what the medical result was here?

SoxLover said...

Medical result?

Ah come on!

This video has singlehandedly caused me to consider putting AR on as a season pass.

Epic fail.

Anonymous said...

c'mon let's be serious. 75mph?

Charles Swann said...

In reality television nothing is as it seems...

Charlie Brooker has a good bit on it.

The teammate only seems callous because we think it is instantaneous, i.e. slingshot, facial impact, laid out, then an admonishment that "we have to finish."

My bet is that they let the medics look her over and about a half hour later she was still laying there. Then her teammate told her they had to finish. Creates great drama and an ethical debate but is it the way it actually happened; my confidence is low.

Anonymous said...

Charles I agree the probability of the network taking the slightest chances with her health, particularly when she has so clearly been hit is zero.