Monday, January 30, 2006

Another One Bites the Dust

Props to the boys over at WickedChops, who wrote about the latest NY poker bust out on Long Island:

Said the Police Commish in Suffolk County, "If anyone has any questions about
what is and what is not legal in regard to 'Texas Hold 'em' and other games of
chance we encourage them to call our public information office at 631-852-6308." So just for spite's sake (a distant relative of pete), we encourage everyone to call that number and ask hold'em "legality" questions like, "If the first hole card is accidentally exposed, is that a misdeal or is that just the first burn card?" and "If two people are eliminated during the same hand during final table play, how do you determine who receives more prize money?"

Great work as always Chops & crew.

In other news, you can learn a lot about the strange workings of the internet from Statcounter, which tells how people get to different sites. For example, here's how people get to Kid Dynamite's World, by searching for:

Peyton Manning's Wife
Peeing Bed Kid
and Sean Sheikan

Great Stuff.

until next time,

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