Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Joys of Puppyhood

First off, if you're not watching High Stakes Poker on the Game Show Network - start. Great, real high stakes cash game action from the Golden Nugget featuring Ted Forrest, Danny Negreanu, Sammy Farha, Doyle & Todd Brunson, Sheik, Jen Harman, Barry Greenstein and other top names. The action is interesting and the table talk is fun to watch.

In other news, Oscar is eating his own poo. Yeah - that little fucker is unstoppable. How can I stay mad at him though?

I just have to dodge his kisses now.


1 comment:

sellthekids said...

hit your local vet and get some Forbid. it will help end the coprophagia. otherwise, he will be a lifelong poo eater, which would suck b/c as you now know, they are super affectionate. (we didn't start soon enough on our std poodle....)

and quit with the pics! i don't NEED another dog...but man i would like another BG! ;-)