Thursday, January 12, 2006

To Keep You Busy

So I'm off to Vegas for a few days to generate some blogworthy adventures. Hopefully I'll meet the WickedChops crew while I'm out there. Again - look for me Saturday @ the Mirage in the Steve Grogan Patriots Throwback jersey, in case anyone else is in town.

While I'm away, here are a few interesting links to keep you busy:

Ask A Ninja: I haven't had time to fully explore this site, but it looks like the videos are pretty funny.

MillionDollarHomePage: Fantastic concept: check out the FAQ for the behind the scenes story.

North Andover Wiffle Ball League: Still the greatest collection of suburban Boston wiffle ball highlights set to hard metal music in sweet videos ANYWHERE on the web. They're redoing the site, and there's only 1 video right now, but it's worth it.

see you Monday,

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