Friday, January 06, 2006

More Double Reverse Psychology

H0nus reads my blog. We play a pretty good amount of poker together. I am the sensei, he is the grasshopper. Today, I had to re-enforce that fact, as he's been getting a little feisty with me at the table lately. Let me explain:

This afternoon, H0nus IM's me : "Going to the club? I'm gonna take the last seat." This is a debate we have every Friday, as the game is usually crowded. "I will hurt you," I threaten him, and then declare WAR on him, Hellmuth style.

I beat him to the game, secure the last seat, and have a huge hand in the first orbit: Mike X, who's a big time action player straddles, and I'm now UTG: JJ. I have $400. 1-2 blinds, $5 straddle. I limp, intending to evaluate my options, which I assume will include a limp-re-raise. Three limp behind me before the cutoff raises to $35. Perfect. Now Chris, on the button, re-raises to $65, and it's folded back to me. The initially raiser has about $145 total, and Chris has me covered. Wow - what a fantastic opportunity for a solid play right away! The only thing is, this game plays so wild sometimes, there is a very good chance I'm best. I decide that I haven't been at the table long enough to know if Chris is out of line, and I muck. The initial raiser gets all-in with his TT, and Chris turns over pocket Kings. Nice laydown KD.

The action players leave soon after, and we're suddenly 6-handed when H0nus arrives, and buys in for $300. In his first orbit, he limps in EP, there's one more limper, and I'm on the button with 5-5. I limp, and the blinds come along. 5 of us see the flop of:

3-5-6 with two clubs. Great - now I've flopped a set on a coordinated board in a $10 pot.

Joe, a tight player, bets out $10. H0nus raises to $30. I make it $75, and Joe folds. H0nus looks at me.

I'm downright hostile: "I'm going to take all of your chips." Without flinching.
"Easy call," Is his reply, as he stacks off $45 more.

The turn is the King of spades, and H0nus double clutches, before saying "I'll let you put me all in." "I put you all-in," is my instant reply. H0nus leans back and I don't think he can possibly call.

"You know you're not calling," I tell him, "Hurry up and muck."
"No, I have a hand," he says, and I know I'm best, and I probably have him in much worse shape than he even thinks.

I make a display out of my patented fish-finder: dropping two chips from 14 inches onto my cards as a pre-tip, as I slide them like I'm gonna pass them to Kenny the dealer.

H0nus stares at me, mystified. These are clearly the moves of a player who WANTS a call, but he knows I'm smarter than that.

"You can give 'em to me now, or you can give 'em to me later," I taunt, and stare at him with no expression. I don't think I've ever been this confrontational during a hand.

He stares at me some more. I smile. Finally, H0nus calls.

The river is a 6 of clubs, which is a great card for me, filling me up even though it completes the flush. My 5's full are good, as he had pocket 7's.

H0nus, a good sport about it, was left to marvel at the barrage of double-reverse-bluffs that I hammered him with in this hand. He was in a tough spot, as he knows that I know that he knows that blah blah blah blah blah...

until next time,


The Bracelet said...

Don't think the fact that you linked to yourself went unnoticed.

Well played sir.

Kid Dynamite said...

I learned from the best Bob... Problem is, now that you've linked yourself in the COMMENTS, there's a picture of your huge hammer ;-)

I gave credit for pioneering the "self link" in my previous posts.

h0nus said...

No worries - it was a good play. I should have laid down on the turn...

But as it turned out: I only brought $500 with me. You took took $300 from me on the first hand and I leave with $1850 2 hours later.

p.s. Tell your wife to take it easy on the brutality: Ms. Dynamite Charged With Punching Officer