Wednesday, January 04, 2006


8 days until I hit Vegas again. It's been almost 8 weeks since my last trip, and Big Show, Dirty Dave, Craig and Kid Dynamite are eager to hit the desert again in a re-hash of last January's Trip. Oh - and yeah, I did just link to myself. It's a trick I learned from the immortal Bobby Bracelet.

If any of you will be in Vegas, drop me a line and we can try to hook up, otherwise you can find me at my likely places (in random order):

1) slowrolling the double deck BJ game in the IP Champagne Pit
2) towering over a massive tower of peach chips in the Wynn 1-3NL game
3) getting stacked with A-Q in the Wynn 2-5NL game
4) chilling with the who's who of poker in the Bellagio high limit area
5) crushing the Mirage 2-5NL game: I'll be the guy with $1700 in chips in the $500 max buy-in game.
6) Panda Express
7) diverting pit attention from Big Show's count of the green chip double deck BJ game at the Frontier.
8) Mini-craps at O'Shea's
9) In a cab where the cabbie is trying to sell us on the merits of the Spearmint Rhino
10) Mirage sportsbook: it's Divisional Weekend after all. I'll be wearing the Steve Grogan throwback jersey (Red, Patriots, #14)

In any case, I'm sure there'll be ample fodder for my most loyal reader, Bones, to devour.



Anonymous said...

nobody invites me anywhere...

-Bones, holding down the fort

Anonymous said...

Lucky bastard. Looking forward to the recaps.

Anonymous said...

I'll probably be in one of two places: Walking dogs in Henderson or getting back-roomed at the Barbary after I stumble out of Drai's and mistakenly sit down at a BJ table.

Anonymous said...

Chops here.

KD...send me an email:

The WCP group will be in Vegas I believe the same time you are for my bach party. Meet up if you'll be around...