Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Dirty Dave's Makers Mark gambit is worthy of it's own highlight here. Here's what happened: late night @ Pure, the table next to us abandoned an almost full bottle of Makers, looking oh so pretty there with its red wax dripping down the neck. As the waitress went to take it away, I shook my head and muttered "what a fuckin' shame." Now, I should mention that I'd rather go home to bed than drink Makers Mark any day of the week - I just couldn't believe the value being missed here - yeah, I'm an EV guy.

So Dirty Dave snags the waitress and stalls her as he coerces her into pouring two cups full before she takes the bottle away. These cups sit on our table, untouched for the rest of the night. I find out later that Dirty Dave brought them out of the club when he and Craig left, bought a bottle of Dasani at the gift shop, which he drank, and then transferred the Makers Mark, logic problem style, into the Dasani bottle.

Little did I know that Dave actually brought the plastic Dasani bottle full of Makers home on the plane with him, drinking it on the way, and took it back to his apartment. Now that is hard core value play - you can tell he's a master grinder at the poker table.. I can only assume that it will shortly be transferred to a first class crystal decanter: happily resting after its cross country voyage.

nice work Dave, on the Value Bet of the Week.


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