Sunday, January 29, 2006

Back on The Train

Oscar peed on the floor one too many times today, and after he crossed the line and peed on the bed, I made my decision: I'm going to play some poker! Vortex and I headed to a new club where we found a bunch of familiar faces. It was like the first day of school, where you see all of your buddies you haven't seen all summer: but nothing really changed - same familiar faces on all fronts: in the seats, in the box, behind the cage, running the floor.

We sat in a 1-2NL game, and Vortex chided me: "You're the oldest person at the table." I looked around - holy crap - he was right. I'm pretty sure this is the first time in my life this has ever happened to me! Man - almost thirty is old....

Vortex and I were clearly the two best players at the table, but I was unable to beat the game, and left after 3 1/2 hours stuck $274. It's good that this club scene is rocking again, although I feel bad 'cause I'm guessing the games from my old club will migrate here - I liked the old place: the dealers were good and friendly, and the place had the feel of the homegame. The new club, on the other hand, is bigger and more businesslike, but closer to my apartment and should feature games just as juicy.

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