Monday, August 02, 2010

Garden Bounty and Pooch Wilderness

Quick update as I catch up on today's happenings: 
Mrs. Dynamite and I took the dogs for a 6 hour hike today up in the White Mountains.  We did a funky trail that had almost no elevation changes, but Mr. Griffey was somewhat flummoxed by a few river crossings.  Oscar is like a shadow - following in my footsteps, hopping from rock to rock, and Griffey did pretty well, but had to hitch a ride with Mrs. D a few times.  Coming off his hard lesson about screen doors last night - where he tried to vault through a closed one and bounced off of it, totally confused - I ended up laughing at him again today on the trail.  There was one spot where the dogs had to make a two foot jump over some running water, and Griffey got some speed up, executing a sweet vault, but then when he landed he tried to hop again over a branch and landed in a hole, smashing against the lip of it.  Like a trooper, he hopped out and continued.

Last night we set a personal record by making four separate dishes with home grown vegetables.  We had fried cucumbers (with chipotle mayo), Brussels sprouts (sauteed with bacon), tomato (w/ basil & mozzarella) and grilled eggplant.  The main course was grilled ribeye.



EconomicDisconnect said...

I cannot believe you subjected those little guys to such a harsh trip! You are a tough dog owner KD!

No pics of food = Did not happen. Sorry, I want to believe you.

Joe said...

KD, we were up by you this weekend visiting our son at a camp in Wentworth, NH and dropping our daughter off at a camp on Lake Fairlee in Vermont. Spectacular weather, and the sunset on Saturday was phenomenal. Brought to mind a saying from a friend of mine who lives in Maine: "If you can't survive the winters than you don't deserve the summers."

Glad to know the KD family was in the thick of it.

Mark said...

KD, do your dogs get along with other dogs? If so, they would love our dog park here in Vegas! Of course, no one comes here until 8:00 PM for obvious reasons.

Kid Dynamite said...

Mark - Oscar used to rule the NYC dog runs when he was a puppy, but then he began to think of himself as more human than dog, and shun the dog runs.

Onlooker said...


That's what you get for not owning REAL dogs! ;-)

My golden and golden/lab mix don't have those kinds of problems.

Sorry, I'm a big dog guy, and don't really care so much for the small breeds (or those who've been mutated terribly from their origins; i.e. bull dogs, etc.)

But I really don't hold it against you. Just don't be surprised when they can't hang with you.

(all in good fun; don't take this the wrong way)

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