Friday, August 27, 2010

Springsteen - Wings For Wheels

I hadn't heard this until a few years ago, and as a huge Boss fan, it blew me away.  This video below is audio only, but any fans should enjoy listening to what would eventually become Thunder Road.  Springsteen called it Wings for Wheels at the time, in 1975:

"Tonight we're gonna find out how it feels - I'm gonna trade in your wings for wheels"



Anonymous said...

Obviously not related to Bruuuuuuuuu-ce, but check out the op-ed that the Governator wrote in today's WSJ (gated article, pg A17). It's about underfunded public pensions. Maybe I was wrong about Ah-nold.

EconomicDisconnect said...

Made me think of that tune from the film "Quicksilver"; Trading chains for wings.

thg said...

ahh, here is some vintage bruce from '77 - boston, i discovered the other day.

Anonymous said...

I must have known you were a Springsteen fan (from previous posts?) because several days ago, after reading your defense of Dr. Pepper/Snapple's wage cuts, I considered including in my rebuttal on behalf of the strikers this appeal to the better angels of your nature:

"And the poets down here
don't write nuthin' at all!
They just stand back and
let it all be...."

(This view posits you as one of the poets, standing back, letting it all be, etc.)

At any rate, I'm sure there'll be more opportunities to wield Springsteen lyrics in various future debates. I look forward to it.


"And in the quick of the night,
They reach for their moment,
And try to make an honest stand....
But they wind up wounded,
Not even dead.
To-night ... in ... jun-gle-laaannnnnnnnddddddd!!!"