Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Negative Alpha

If I told you that I saw the license plate: +ALPHA on a 7-series BMW in Chappaqua, you probably wouldn't be surprised.  I was somewhat taken aback, though, when I saw the vanity plate: -ALPHA (yes, we have +'s and -'s) on a circa-2001 Subaru Impreza today in Concord.

Either this guy got the greatest self-deprecating vanity plate in history, or he had something else in mind.

This weekend my wife and I saw a vanity plate in California:  LUV2PASGAS, only instead of LUV it had an actual heart character.  I screamed out "LOVE TO PASS GAS - FOR THE WIN!" but then I realized it wasn't about flatulence, but rather about infrequent refueling - driving past gas stations - as it was on a hybrid car.



fboness said...

My favorite is SNAAB.

On a Saab, of course.

Kid Dynamite said...

not bad.. but it's not as good as MOOSNKL

Anonymous said...

Actually, it was probably an anesthesiologist's vehicle. They often refer to their line of work as "passing gas".
ER Doc

LORD BK said...

I saw BEDBUG7 on my way to work today. Scary to think there are at least 6 other asstards with "BEDBUG" on their plates. (in Illinois alone!)

Onlooker said...

Kid (if you get this)

Another possibility is that it was an Air Force air refueling boom operator referring to his profession of "passing gas" to other aircraft.

Who knows, but I thought I'd point that out. It's funny how we all filter these things through our own experience, with many different results.

Former AF tanker pilot

Kid Dynamite said...

thanks guys - i LOVE the alternative interpretations.