Saturday, August 28, 2010

Warren Zevon - Lawyers Guns and Money

"I went home with a waitress, the way I always do.  How was I to know she was with the Russians too?   Gambling in Havana, I took a little risk.  Send lawyers, guns and money, they'd kept me out of this." - Warren Zevon, "Lawyers Guns and Money"

I was lucky enough to see Warren Zevon live a few times in the 90's.   For those unaware of anything beyond Werewolves of London, Zevon's songwriting is top notch.   

As a bonus, Widespread Panic covering the song:

R.I.P Warren.



Unknown said...

You can still see Jackson Browne on tour. He's still pretty good and the ladies still like him. Also, try Little Feat. They are Lowell-less and time waits for no one, but also still pretty good. Ditto Hot Tuna.

Anonymous said...

Love Warren Zevon. I still get teared up when I listen to The Wind. Love him rocking out with Bruce on Disorder in the House and then facing the inevitable on Keep me in Your Heart.

Lucas said...

Awesome song. Someone should a make a movie out it.

Anonymous said...

Keep Me In your Heart tears me up every time I play it.