Friday, August 13, 2010

Iconic Movie Songs

There are certain songs which, when I hear them, immediately make me think of a specific scene in a movie.  I view these songs as a complement to the director's use of music in his film, as it clearly creates a lasting association.  This post is an open thread to ask which songs those are for you.

For me, the top three that come to mind are:

- Werewolves of London - The Color of Money (VINCE: and his hairrrr was PERFECT)
- Stuck in the Middle With You - Resevoir Dogs (the ear scene)
- Take My Breath Away - Top Gun (strangely, I have two Tom Cruise movies!)  

There are actually several more top candidates for me from Top Gun (Great Balls of Fire - Goose on the piano, and Danger Zone - the combat scene)

Rules:  1) you cannot use songs that are "anthems" for the movie.  For this reason, I disqualified Eye of the Tiger, Footloose, and Chariots of Fire, which were suggested by my friends.  You also can't use songs from musicals, like Mama Mia. 2) you can't use the internet to look it up! If you don't know the song/movie association instantly, it's not strong enough.  I'm sure this list has been done elsewhere many times on the internet, but I want ones off the top of your head - straight from where they were seared onto your cortex.

Other suggestions from my friends were:

Mrs. Dynamite:
Unchained Melody: Ghost
Foxy Lady: Wayne's World
Blaze of Glory: Young Guns II

Ginger Ted's list, which I found the most unusual:

New Slang or Let Go - Garden State
Mrs Robinson - The Graduate
Sway - American Pie
Great Balls of Fire - Top Gun
The Wind - Rushmore
De Ushuaia A La Quiaca - The Motorcycle Diaries

Yangabanga had:

Mrs Robinson - The Graduate
Stuck in the Middle Qith You - Resevoir Dogs
Girl You'll be a Woman Soon - Pulp Fiction
Erik weighed in with: "Any song from Pulp Fiction," which I very much agree with, and he seconded Stuck in the Middle With You.

Bones added "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" from Top Gun, and the Ferris Bueller "song"

Dirty Dave came up with:

Don't You (Forget About Me) - The Breakfast Club
Miserlou - Pulp Fiction
Lose Yourself - 8 Mile

and Big Show rounded it out by adding:

Working For The Weekend - Farley and Swayze Chippendales skit (SNL)
Sister Christian - Boogie Nights
The Stroke - Billy Madison

I could probably do this all day, but I want to hear from the readers. 



Anonymous said...

Apple Bottom Jeans - Tropic Thunder (Cruise again!)

These Eyes - Superbad

Anonymous said...

Superstar - Tommy Boy

Anonymous said...

As Time Goes By - Casablanca

J Johnson said...

I love the game, and love the lists/inputs so far. Not easy to stop either

Fortunate Son - Forrest Gump (when he is in Vietnam) - although this song could be the anthem for any movie with Vietnam

Danger Zone - Top Gun (but all previously listed are candidates)

Send Me an Angel - (Real Life) - Movie: Rad

Lunatic Fringe - (Red Rider)
Movie: Vision Quest

and a 2:1 special -
Linkin Park/Jay-Z - Numb/Encore
Nonpoint - In the air tonight
Movie: Miami Vice

Blue Moon said...

Arrggghhhh -- The first one that came to mind is the Mozart piece that is at the beginning of Trading Places. I can't think of which symphony it is, and I don't want to break the rules by looking it up.

"The Boys Are Back in Town" - 48 Hours

"Sweet Child of Mine" -- Stepbrothers

devil's elbow said...

However Do You Want Me... pretty sure thats the name.

From the opening scene in Belly

Steve said...

This Must Be The Place- Wall St.

Anonymous said...

Layla- Goodfellas

Anonymous said...

Right Back Where We Started From - Slap Shot

Anonymous said...

The End - The Doors - Apocalypse Now

PDXJDangel said...

This first one is a bit of an inside joke, but:

"I'm Every Woman"-Bridget Jones

"If You Leave"-Pretty in Pink

"Walking on Sunshine"--High Fidelity (Love Jack Black's little dance)

"Axel F"--Beverly Hills Cop (just listened to this on vinyl recently and it is still as catchy today)

And, of course, for all you cube-Dilberts out there,

"Still"--Office Space

Anonymous said...

Also Spach Zarathustra (?) and Blue Danube Waltz - 2001

Anonymous said...

Battle without honor or Humanity from Kill Bill

Anonymous said...

Boehemian Rhapsody from Wayne's World just walked into the locker room and asked: "Alright, who's playing for second place?"

Anonymous said...

Ride of the Valkyries - Apocalypse Now

Sisters of Mercy - McCabe & Mrs Miller

End of the World - REM - Independence Day

Shout - Animal House

Anonymous said...

Do Wah Diddy Diddy - Stripes

Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In - 40 Year Old Virgin

EconomicDisconnect said...

Awesome post! You know I am a freak for this stuff, I will link this in tonights show for sure.

Mine would be:

1. Tubular Bells from The Exorcist
2. Lunatic Fringe from Vision Quest
3. Bad to the Bone from Christine
4. The Road of the Gypsy from Iron Eagle

Great stuff from all the readers!

Anonymous said...

Two come to mind right away:

Femme Fatale: Ravel's Bolero

Snatch - Disco Science by Mirwais

- Steve

EconomicDisconnect said...

Ughh, two more and then I will stop!

-Burning Heart from Rocky IV
-Two of the Lucky Ones from Zombieland

Bayne_S said...

In You Eyes - Say Anything

Change - Vision Quest

Lunatic Fringe - Vision Quest

Yangabanga said...

Adding to the list -

Old time rock and roll - risky business

nice one on ride of the valkyries. that one has got to go on my list.

Anonymous said...

Love the topic (not that I don't love all the other rants)...

I have one critical one to add to the amazing list...

Huey Lewis and the News, Power of Love from Back to the Future

Does it count that every time I hear Pink Floyd's Money I think of the Wizard of Oz, even though it was not in the movie? Is that a statement on the last week of my Senior year in college?

Jonathan said...

Some of my personal favorites:

1) "400 Blows" opening theme

2) "8 1/2" end theme

3) "Hanna and Her Sisters" soundtrack

4) Cheesy individual stupidity sounds and music such as "D'oh!" and "Like, oh my God, I'm an idiot!" ;)

Anonymous said...

"Stayin Alive" -- Saturday Night Fever


bruha said...

Eye of the Tiger - Rocky III

Greycap said...

I honestly can't remember "Layla" appearing in Goodfellas, so it didn't make an impression on me. On the other hand, I can't hear "Sunshine" without seeing in mind's eye Jimmy drinking his whisky and thinking about whacking Morry.

"99 Red Balloons" reminds me of disposing the body in Grosse Pointe Blank. You would think "Mirrors in the Bathroom" (from the previous scene, in which the body became a body) would make a stronger impression, but not for me.

And am I the only one who sees Neo slumped over his keyboard when "Dissolved Girl" is played?

ElSnarfoGrande said...

How did we make it this far without

You're the Best Around - Karate Kid

Sweep the leg!

Ima Nonymous said...

Manish Boy (Muddy Waters) in Better Off Dead - I've lusted after a jet black 1969 Camaro ever since.

Here Comes Santa Claus - at the end of Christmas Vacation

The aria from Figarro (sp?) in The Shawshank Redemption

Ima Nonymous said...

one more...

Bread & Butter from the refrigerator scene in 9 and 1/2 Weeks

Anonymous said...

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster - Office Space

Anonymous said...

Raindrops keep falling on my head - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Anything Scott Joplin - The Sting.
This Time Tomorrow & Powerman (the Kinks) - Darjeeling Limited

Anonymous said...

Wow most of those "efforts" above are just plain horrible. Do people even read these days anymore?

Transor Z said...

Can't believe nobody's said The Cars' Moving in Stereo - Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Old Black Betty - Blow

I've Got You Babe - Groundhog's Day

bryce said...

halcyon and on and on - zero cool bust and court scene from Hackers