Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Week That Was

I've written a ton of stuff in the last ten days or so.  In case you missed any of it:

- Bernanke:  ""Unlike the federal government, every state except Vermont is required to balance its budget, forcing spending cuts, tax increases or both -- actions Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said last week are contributing to the nation’s sluggish recovery."

Translation:  Our inability to spend beyond our means is hurting our "recovery."

There were also some worthy reads which I didn't write about, some of which I tweeted:



EconomicDisconnect said...

Best post ever was the film songs!

I have smoked fatties up if you want to take a look.

Transor Z said...

Hey, KD, maybe there is a little bit of hope on this one. Barry just blogged on the SEC-Citi proposed settlement. Another Rakoff.

Kid Dynamite said...

yes TZ - i saw that... this piece on it linked to me:

but i think they might have misread my point... which was most certainly not "why shareholders should pay for the alleged misdeeds of insiders who settle for peanuts"

i was going to write another post about it, but then it just gets into the same topic i wrote about last month with respect to shareholder lawsuits - you have one group of shareholders (present) paying another group (past). that may not be wrong, necessarily...