Monday, August 23, 2010

Readings From the Past Few Days

Over the past several days I've read a lot of stuff which was Tweet-worthy but that I didn't blog about.  I rehash some of that list here for you:

-The Reformed Broker:
1) Welcome to The Jungle
2) It's Not A Flight to Safety, It's a Cash Out

1) "The Question: Are Stocks a Screaming Buy Relative To Bonds?  Creates  False Premises"
2) Mishkin's Iceland Report Was Horribly Wrong, And He Was Paid to Write It

-NY Times:
1) India Tries Using Cash Bonuses to Slow Birthrates
2) In Case of Emergency: What Not to Do
3) Wells Fargo's Odd Mortgage Essay Question

-Steve Randy Waldman's recap of another blogger meeting at Treasury

-Abnormal Returns:  The Art of Reading 13-f Filings



mrwiizrd said...


Curious about your thoughts on Cuban's latest blog post:

Kid Dynamite said...

mrwiizrd: i think that the Fed is doing everything it can to FORCE risk taking - that's why you've seen money move from 0% bank accounts to 3% corporate bonds, which causes people to talk about how stocks are cheap relative to bonds... which doesn't make stocks cheap.

i think stocks are unattractive right now, but i'm not short either, since there's so much desire on the part of the Fed/Administration to support the market. basically, i have no clue.

i'm watching and waiting, and earning nothing while i do.

mrwiizrd said...

"i'm watching and waiting, and earning nothing while i do. "

Same here, it just seems like the downside risk for a major pullback far outweighs any potential upside that might out there.

EconomicDisconnect said...

I thought this one was made for my robot discussion:
Gene Noser's 5 Suggestions On How To Regain Our Market Back From The Robots
But it was just about algos. Sigh.